Gas Detection and Quality Monitoring in Fire & Safety

Back in 2007, hydrogen explosion at Muskingum River Power Plant caused a major fatality, injuring many people and creating significant damage to multiple buildings. Post examination, experts revealed it was the failure of hydrogen relief device that allowed hydrogen gas contents to escape and ignite hazard in the vicinity. This particular incident emphasizes on the significance of proper design, construction and installation of safety equipments for properly handling hydrogen to prevent loss of lives and property. Underlining the emphasis on proper detection and handling of hydrogen and carbon dioxide gases, Punebased Acorn Controls Pvt. Ltd. manufactures & supplies instrumentation and electronic measurement products for gas monitoring and flow measurement.

Established in 2019 by Harsh Sahasrabudhe (Director & CTO), Acorn outshines as a product manufacturing company satisfying customer’s expectations on the grounds of quality, price and service. The company proves to be a trusted name amongst defense organizations for its technical and commercial excellence and owns a product line acknowledged for long service life, high efficiency and durable finish standards. Amongst all, Acorn’s hydrogen gas monitoring product has generated good interest in the market for its avant-garde features.

Hydrogen Detection & Quality Control
Unlike smoke, hydrogen gas detection requires innate understanding of its properties – colorless, odourless, tasteless, flammable (a 4-75 percent hydrogen in air forms an explosive mixture), and lightest – to avoid an explosive situation. Hydrogen gas is widely used in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace applications, welding, power plant generator coolant and UPS systems having large battery banks (where hydrogen accumulates under ceiling/ceiling pockets and slightest mixture leads to explosion). Possessing vast expertise in this area, Acorn offers proven hydrogen gas/state-of-the-art technology detectors and single/multi channel controller to control ventilation systems and alarm generation. Besides pro viding communication facility to BMS (Building Management System) and third-party system interface, Acorn offers in-house hydrogen gas calibration facility along with site calibration kit and expert advisory on hydrogen gas related matters.

Maintaining Air Quality via Carbon Dioxide Controllers
Explicating on carbon dioxide standards for optimum air quality, Harsh asserts, “ASHRAE standard 62.1 specifies minimum ventilation rates and measures for new and existing buildings that are intended to provide indoor air quality acceptable to human occupants and minimize adverse health effects”. Hence, Acorn provides state-of-the-art carbon dioxide gas detectors and controllers for controlling ventilation systems & alarms. Significantly designed for conference rooms, auditoriums and operation theatres for desired air quality maintenance, this product also has data communication feature and is capable of alerting third-party system interface within no time. Additionally, the company also offers calibration check service for third party installations.

Where Safety is Priority
Leveraging technology at par, Acorn’s products are environmentally productive, IP65 enclosed and are offered with an extendable warranty. Each product passes through different level checks (component level, incoming component level and PCB level) before the final delivery. Alongside deploying customization approach for customer’s needs and application, Acorn’s in-house team employs excellence in providing post-sales customer support and resolves every issue pertaining to connectivity, cabling problem, meter setup and many more. Having served valuable clients such as MRF Tyres and multiple IT conglomerates, Acorn is progressing successfully with an annual revenue growth of 37 percent and targets upscaling it to 45 percent in future. Innovating constantly, the company is exploring IoT technology to offer cloud-based parameter monitoring with better connectivity and plans to venture automotive sector while also improvising its product line.


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