Ultrasonic Water Meter

Portable CO2 Gas indicator

Product Model : SWM 600FS

with Solar powered GPRS module (optional)

This unique design of ultrasonic water meter is next generation  ultrasonic transit-time measurement. These meters are especially suitable for Water Metering application requiring no external power and years of unattended use. Its concept makes it lowest cost water meter in the market today.

Optionally it can be connected to a GSM/GPRS module .Data Logger keeps records of one year data of Flow Totalizers at every one hour of the day.SMS based or GPRS based data transmission is possible. This optional feature will have to be specially ordered.

Flow meter is supplied with in-line installable Sensor of DN 80 /100/125 /150 sizes. The Sensor is mounted between pipe flanges .This unique design makes it a moderate cost, high performance and compact size water meter.

  • No external power required
  • High accuracy, better than ±1%
  • Wide measurement rage, (0.01~32m/s)
  • for pipe sizes  DN 65 . 80mm & 100 mm
  • Suitable for all commonly used pipe materials
  • Highly efficient ultrasonic transmission and high sensitive ultrasonic receiving
  • Ideal for remote area Water Metering application
  • Optional Solar powered GSM/GPRS based remote reading with Built in Data Logger with records of One year, every hour Totalizer readings

Acorn Controls Pvt. Ltd. is an well know organization that manufacturer all types of ultrasonic water meter like Battery operated ultrasonic water meter, Solar powered ultrasonic water meter, Domestic ultrasonic water meter, Low cost ultrasonic water meter, etc.

Battery Operated Ultrasonic Water Meter:

Our Battery operated ultrasonic water meter gives the flexibility to install a reliable flow meter, virtually anywhere, without distorting accuracy & performance with long battery life. This flow meter is extremely easy to use, simple to install & requires no regular maintenance.

Solar Powered Ultrasonic Water Meter:

Our Solar powered ultrasonic water meter is very useful for measuring the flow where electrical power is not accessible. It has a solar panel, a battery, and a low-power consumption high-performance solar powered ultrasonic water meter.

Domestic Ultrasonic Water Meter:

Our Domestic ultrasonic water meter have been designed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards, where we also ensure that none of the materials in contact with water contain heavy metals. The standard version of this domestic ultrasonic water meter is fully waterproof.

Low cost ultrasonic Water Meter:

Our Low cost ultrasonic Water Meter has excellent specifications at a more affordable price than similar products making them the ideal choice for a variety of applications.

Solar powered ultrasonic Water Meter
Clamp Between Flanges
Battery operated ultrasonic Water Meter
Twist The Indicator 90˚, Pull It Up & Clamp Thegland Nut
Ultrasonic Water Meter
Solar powered ultrasonic Water Meter