Hydrogen Monitor & Transmitter

Portable CO2 Gas indicator

We offer Unique Hydrogen Monitoring products – such as Ceiling mountable Detectors, Ceiling Mountable transmitters, Single and H2 Controllers with or without MODBUS interface etc. Hydrogen gas sensing is required in of applications, like Battery/Charging Rooms, H2 Gas valves,regulator& storage area leak locators etc. for of plant and

Acorn Controls Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture manufacturing partners of S4H Pvt.Ltd and have products developed using their unique H2 Sensor.

The Sensor

  • Rugged Solid State Electrochemical Sensor for direct Hydrogen Gas measurement
  • These are galvanic electrochemical Sensors based on proton conducting solid electrolyte and a novel solid reference electrode (Proprietary)
  • Very low to other gases
  • Can tolerate high H2 concentrations
  • Very long life- no perishable parts
  • Fast response


  • Ventilation Control in Battery Charging Rooms
  • Leak detection from electric generators
  • Hydrogen ; enclosures; cylinders; compressor and fittings for Safety
  • Chemical and Petrochemical processes, Catalytic Reforming, Isomerization for Safety application
  • Hydrogen-treating plants
  • Fuel Cells Leak location and safety monitoring
  • Production of Ammonia, Poly-olefin Methanol, Perfumery & Pharmaceutical
  • Hydrogen powered vehicles for safety

Leading companies such as L&T, Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd. (BHEL), Central Railways, RCF, Thermax Ltd, Pune and many more use this Hydrogen Detection System because they have achieved improvements of quality in their products & improved Safety of Property and Process Consistency.

Multi Channel Hydrogen Controller

H2CON-6 is especially suited for H2 gas level detection, Ventilation Control & Alarm applications in Battery rooms, Hydrogen Storage and handling areas where there is a danger of Hydrogen accumulation resulting in explosive atmosphere.

8 Channel Hydrogen Transmitter

Large capacity lead Acid Batteries emit Hydrogen – during Charging phase- especially during near full charge/ over charge conditions .This causes inflammable gas mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen in the atmosphere.