H2 gas detector Leak detection

Hydrogen Gas Sensor

Portable CO2 Gas indicator


TransducerSealed Ref. filament, Sintered Brass filter for measuring filament
External power requirement24 Vdc +/-5 % ~ 80mA max
Cross SensitivitySensitive to Methane and other combustibles
Sensor TechnologyCatalytic Combustions Pellister based
Dimensions & WeightØ120 x 50 mm to flanged head ø110 x 4 mm., ~ 200 gms
SamplingBy Diffusion
Sensing Coverage AreaRecommended for Coverage Area 3 to 4 Mtrs in diameter
Housing MaterialABS


  Acorn Controls Pvt. Ltd. offers H2 Sensor with Catalytic Pellistor  based  Hydrogen Gas measurements.

  • State of art technology sensor
  • Long life, zero maintenance
  • Low power, Three wire device
  • Quick Response / Ceiling mount design
  • 2% H2 ranges- balance air : H2SENSE-CC2410-2 (POPULAR OPTION)
  • 4% H2 ranges- balance air : H2SENSE-CC2410-2 ( Please specify )