CO2 Gas Transmitter

Low Cost CO2 Detectors/ Transmitters

Portable CO2 Gas indicator

CO2SENSE-VO Low Cost CO2 gas sensors
( 0 to 10V output for 0 to 2000ppm CO2)

CO2SENSE-4220 Low Cost CO2 gas sensors
( 4 to 20mA output for 0 to 2000ppm CO2)

CO2SENSE- 485 Low Cost CO2 gas sensors
( RS-485 interface for 0 to 2000ppm CO2)

These ambient gas monitoring device are low cost front ends needed for Industrial / commercial / residential pollution monitoring and for Agriculture and food processing units for improved yields.


  • NDIR ( Non-Dispersive-Infrared) technology used to measure CO2 concentration
  • Reliable Sensor provides long-term calibration stability.
  • LED  Alarm indicators current Indoor Air Quality alerts (optional)
  • Wall Mount rugged enclosure with terminal block provided for quick / easy installation
  • 24Vac/dc  power supply


As Front end of Controllers of..

  • Air Conditioned offices, shopping malls, Schools, Exhibitions Hallsrestaurants/pubs
  • Green houses, Mushrooms cultivation, Flower growers and nurseries
  • Food processing & Food storage, Breweries
  • Dairy ventilation requirements, Animal confinement, and restaurants/pubs etc.