CO2 Gas Detector

Portable CO2 Gas indicator

Acorn Controls Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best leading manufacturer and supplier of CO2 Gas detector, CO2 Gas Indicator, CO2 Gas Controller, CO2 Gas Transmitter, Portable CO2 Gas indicator and CO2 Gas Ventilation control. We offer the best quality CO2 Gas detector to our clients.

CO2 Gas detector detect the PPM level CO2 and is also very important for preventing health hazard and HVAC application, where fresh intake can be controlled through CO2 levels, thereby accepting the optimum level of fresh air Which results in large energy savings. Due to its rugged design and versatile features, these controllers provide great utility.


  • Public places like cinema halls and cinemas for fresh air controls
  • Home and high altitude shelters
  • Parking Lot

Portable CO2 Gas indicator:

We are offering the best Portable CO2 Gas indicator.