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About Acorn Controls Pvt. Ltd.

Portable CO2 Gas indicator

Acorn Controls Pvt. Ltd. started its operations in year 2000 with an aim to provide design services to Instrumentation manufacturers and to industries requiring support of electronic product designs. We design, manufacture and supply all types of Instrumentation & Electronic products. Our offered assortment consist of products like Ultrasonic flow meters , Parts of Electromagnetic flow meters, Hydrogen Gas Monitor, Portable Hydrogen Leak Locator, Two Wire H2 Transmitters, multi-Channel Hydrogen Transmitter/Controllers , Hydrogen Gas detectors etc. These products have been acknowledged for its long service life, high efficiency and durable finish standards. We provide the Services in cities like Ahmadabad, Vadodara, Bhavnagar, Surat, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune and rest of Maharashtra.

There are many OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) & customers who are buying products and taking services from us for a number of years. They are putting their full faith in our capabilities, reliability, excellent technical support and attention to their needs. We are also a registered supplier to Defence organizations like VRDE, BEL, R&D Engineers and product developers for Defence equipment manufacturers.

We are well versed with tests and approval needs of products as per MIL standards and CE compliance. We also have expertise in designing products for Hazardous area applications – especially intrinsically safe and safety by encapsulation. We specialize in measurement and control products.

Management - Director's Information

Portable CO2 Gas indicator

Mr. Harsh Sahasrabudhe has vast experience in Instrumentation/measurement product design, manufacturing & application. He infuses a good foundation by his training at IIT – Bombay &working at the senior position in R&D function at leading instrumentation companies.

He established Acorn Controls in 2000; Acorn outshines as a product manufacturing company satisfying customer’s expectations on the grounds of quality, price and service. The company proves to be a trusted name amongst defense organizations for its technical and commercial excellence and owns a product line acknowledged for long service life, high efficiency and durable finish standards

He was awarded prestigious Parkhe Award from MCCI, Pune in the year of 1995, for his designs namely, Insertion Electro-Magnetic Flow Meter.


Portable CO2 Gas indicator

ACPL owns state of the art equipment, design tools, test and service facilities. We have our own design office cum manufacturing facility in area of 2500 Sq. ft. at Kothrud, Pune.

We have established suppliers, contract manufacturers and vendors to cater to any assembly needs for our customers.

We continuously upgrade our products with new features and technology trends and align with new manufacture processes to suit wide range of products in instrumentation applications.

Also, we deliver customized electronic product design services and its manufacturing for OEM.

Professional Team

Portable CO2 Gas indicator

Acorn’s main strength is our CEO- Mr. H.V.Sahasrabuddhe’s vast experience in Instrumentation/measurement product design, manufacturing & application knowledge. He infuses a good foundation by his training at IIT Bombay & his number of years in working at the senior position in leading instrumentation companies. He has developed the number of innovative products & one of his designs namely, ‘Insertion Electro-Magnetic Flow Meter’ won prestigious Parkhe Award from MCCI, Pune in the year of 1995.

Under his dynamic vision and guidance, our company has achieved a special place in the market.

In addition, Acorn has a team of well-experienced engineering & commercial staff to cater to customer needs, efficiently.




Our Segment

Portable CO2 Gas indicator

Process, Sugar, Textile, Irrigation dept. State and State Govt., NGO’s, Oil and Natural Gas, Agriculture, Rubber-Tyre, Buildings.

Major Market

Portable CO2 Gas indicator

Domestic and Export – Sri Lanka, Gulf countries

Our Success

Portable CO2 Gas indicator

Owing to our superior quality, innovative products and professional design services, we have gained wide acclamation and repeat orders from our clients. We study our customers’ needs, Understand their applications & offer right solution based on the inputs from them. We work as true professionals to help find tailor made solution for every application. Satisfy the customer’s expectation on the grounds of Quality, competitive Price and Service.

Certificate of Registration

Portable CO2 Gas indicator


Our Services

Portable CO2 Gas indicator

Besides a range of standard products described later, we also offer following services to our clients:

  • Complete Product Development
  • Manufacturing Solution including Mechanical designs and product Documentation
  • Production for OEM’s
  • Manufacturing of Standard Products as per order

Customized Products

Portable CO2 Gas indicator

Custom Designed products for OEM’s We design and develop products as per customer needs. Typically the products could be in the following areas:

  • Flow metering products
  • Instrumentation System components
  • Control Products
  • Security Products
  • Products to work in Hazardous area

Valuable Clients

Portable CO2 Gas indicator

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